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Tree Removal

No removal job is too big or too small. Our top of the line battery power saws allow for an eco-friendly and quiet removal in sensitive neighbourhood sites. But our arsenal doesn't stop there. We have the tools and know-how to service any size tree. From seedling to giant our staff have the experience and love to share with you! Rough estimates can also be provided through photos.

Additional service we offer:

● Tree removal applications
● Cranes and other machinery available if needed

Some tree pruning services we offer are:

● Reducing and Compacting
● Removing Deadwood
● Pruning hazardous or diseased limbs
● Windfirming

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Stump Grinding

We can leave the stump at your preferred height, but if that means totally gone, we've got you covered. We can bring the right equipment in and leave it looking like a tree was never even there.


Lot Clearing

Land Developers should know that by processing your wood to in-demand market lengths we can help you earn thousands more on your project's timber sales. We have a deep roster of talented BC Forest Safety Council Certified Fallers available to open up your new parcel of land with the best results.


Mobile Milling

We recycle all of the materials removed from your residence, for all of our benefits. Are you taking out a tree to add a garden? If we can help you with Cedar Mulch or Wood chip bedding just let us know!

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